'WEAR TEAR REPAIR - a sustainable garment collective by Dutch Denim Repair'


Our ethos and workname for a sideproject that has grown naturally within Dutch Denim Repair.

Wear Tear Repair stands for the love we all share for not only wearing quality denim and garments, but to keep them in our rotation for as long as possible. By maintenance and repairing them when a garment is in need.

It’s also the complete opposite of fast fashion, it’s slow. Damage is almost the reflection for a worn and loved garment over time. Most of us agree this is part of wearing in. It's almost an achievement. With this project, the sustainable garment collective, we strive to keep the good ones alive for as long as possible.

'Wear tear repair' stands in this project for loved garments, quality garments, that are worn. Some needs attention and repairs. And we can offer you just that. They can be altered to your preferred length and repaired to your wishes. A service, offered through Clinton and myself with Dutch Denim Repair.

We also have some unworn items, that needs to be loved. Unique and some are very rare. And we will be adding more, a lot more..

Keep you posted!




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