A note from owner and curator Edwin

This project is a great opportunity for us and contribute in a more sustainable way of how we're consuming garments, especially denim. I think with Dutch Denim Repair, it's already expand the life of many garments by repairing them. But with this project. It is something else, on a whole different level. And it all started as a shared idea of finding quality garments, safe them by repairing and alter them and offer the opportunity to do this with the craftmanship and our machines. How cool would that be..

Clinton has become a friend. Before that, I visited him for small talks and his skills on one of my denimprojects back in Amsterdam. He was the one that got me into repairing and he saved my ass more than once with great repairs.

To be able to work with him on this project is a great thing to do. Using our skills, combining them and offer you the opportunity to own a unique piece. From a beautiful piece of worn in denim or an exclusive pair of old stock that you've searched for..

We try our best to offer you an unique collection. Besides repairing garments, we are also able to remake, alter and hem the pieces to your measurements. A service that goes far beyond the local thriftstore. 

Thanks for visiting and reading, 

Kind regards, Edwin

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